Solaris Health is a leading national healthcare platform committed to enhancing access to specialty healthcare and continually improving patient outcomes.

Empowering community providers allows us to make sure that every decision we make puts patient care in the forefront. We are growing to meet the changing needs of the healthcare providers, and to develop innovative ways to better deliver value and state-of-the-art care for our patients.

With more than 150 providers having more than 525,000 patient encounters annually, Solaris Health is proud to be among the most innovative medical organizations in the United States.


Eric W. Mason, MD, MBA

CEO, Solaris Health

Member of Solaris Health Board

Deepak A. Kapoor, MD

Chairman of the Board and Chief Ecosystem Officer, Solaris Health

Market President for the Greater New York area

Gary M. Kirsh, MD

President, Solaris Health

Market President for the Greater Cincinnati area

Member of Solaris Health Board

Michele I. Haas, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Solaris Health

Simon Frisch, MBA

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Transformation, Solaris Health


Josh Peck

Chief Development Officer, Solaris Health

William Cox

Senior Vice President, Operations, Solaris Health


Price Dunaway

COO, New York Market, Solaris Health


Earl Walz

CEO, Ohio Market, Solaris Health


Dan Scharff

General Counsel, Solaris Health

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